Friday, January 25, 2008

Got some scrappin' to do!

The weekend looms & we have Cas with us. Yay! it will be good for her to be with us. Believe it or not even though there is a 6yr gap between Max & Cas, they get on really well, especially if they are in the pool. So T & I will have to be on life guard duty....heaven's what a thought with weather prediction currently being: 31C today & 34C tomorrow......hello factor 50 suncream!

With that in mind I can't see much scrapping happening during the day. Oh well I will have to start my: 'try & get to bed earlier' thing next month. There are so many deadlines for next week yikes! I am stressing already but I shouldn't complain, should I because they are all completely self inflicted LOL!
I am planning to use some of this amazing stash in my up & coming projects! You should do yourself a favor & get to your local LSS & have a look @ ~Autumn leaves/ Techno pop! The PVC dye cut shapes, fancy brads & journal pieces are such fun !

Have a lovely day! And stay out of the sun!!


  1. Yikes, we've had a lovely sunny day it was 9degs,it was soooo lovely to feel the sunshine on my face again, but rain and more rain tomorrow, I suppose it comes with living in UK....happy scrapping and hugs to Cass

  2. Don't give me temperatures like that! I melt just hearing them and our pool is still green! Have a cool weekend!

  3. I am LOVING my aircon - it (almost) made the ironing a pleasure. But I have also been scrapping with the aircon and that was a real pleasure!!

  4. that paper line is marvelous! have a fun weekend. I will be reading tons o'fiction, and recovering from a truly hideous coldsore.

  5. If I didnt know better I would think that you know someone in the business. xxx

  6. I tagged you, so you're it!!! Details are on my blog!


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