Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nuffinc to say!

I am at a bit of a loss as what to blog about today! My day was mediocre, I didn't feel like scrapping & I have swollen ankles [water retention from the humidity] . The highlight I suppose was that I went to the dentist plus I have to go back on Thursday for a double appointment....I am clenching my jaws [again] & it is cracking my molars.......Nooooo! I'm not stressed, for some reason I just clench, it's a bad habit. Dumb I know!

Well now that you are all reeling from the overwhelmingly profound nature of what you have just read, I will leave you with this little snippet of a conversation between Max & the Mother of a little boy in his class @ school.

We were perusing the puzzle & games isle @ Toys R Us earlier today. We bumped into Jed & his Mother. Maxi started yakking to them as soon as he saw them. Shirley, being the Mum of a 4yr old boy acted suitably interested, in an attempt to quell the stream of conversation & questions preferably before this time next year.

Max~ Shirley look at this! {pointing at the box of a kiddies general knowledge game}
Shirley~ Oh, Max that's nice! {thinking she had gotten off lightly}
Max~ Shirley! Look at this! {emphatically}
Shirley~ I see Max! What is that? {realizing she couldn't get away so easily}
Max~ That is the Sydney Opera House in Australia, that is the leaning tower of Pisa in Italy & that is the Statue of Liberty, in that 'York city' {thank-fully he stopped there, as he couldn't remember the Eiffel Tower}
Shirley~ Wow! Max you clearly know alot more than I do! {looking shocked}

This is where I, now red-faced, sort of threw in there....."Ah! yes he seems to have quite a good memory"; grabbed Maxi by the hand, breezed something about having to dash & ducked! I hate situations like that....I hope she doesn't think I strap my poor child to earphones & teach him Natural history until midnight every night. He just has an interest in things like that so we read about them......fortunately he remembers most of what we read.

My child, doing what he likes best......talking about books he reads!


[Ok...so I had something to say after all, haha!]