Monday, January 14, 2008

I am bummed!

My scrap table fell over today. Somehow the trestles got dislodged and just crashed to the floor. My latest sewing little tins of brads, buttons, stamps, embellishments....oh I dunno just a heck load of stuff that all ended up in one huge chaotic mess on the floor. When I heard the crash, I knew what it was even before I got there...I ran....stopped...breathed....almost choked...then walked away. It is still lying there, just as I found it. I am too hot & too weary to try & sort it out now. Hmmmm! I think my next trick is to GET THAT DARN TABLE FIXED!!!!

When I have calmed down & recovered a bit, I will try post again later.


  1. Shucks what a mission - glad that it didn't fall on somebody small, blonde and cute though. Now if only you had aircon cleaning up would be a breeze. If we lived closer I'd pop in to help, I love tidying and organising esp other people's stuff - ie not my kid's.
    Hope your sewing maching and all the other stuff didn't get damaged either. Shame poepie ;<

  2. You poor thing. But lets face it today was way too hot to fix anything. x

  3. Oh KAYJAY what a drama - so sorry luv, chuck those legs AWAY, wish I was there to help....ooohhh dear

  4. I am so sorry! That totally stinks!!! :(

  5. OHmyGoodNESS!
    I am so sorry to hear about that!

  6. Oh, no!! I think I would have started to cry. Actually, I KNOW I would have started to cry. I'm glad you were able to get it all fixed though :)


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