Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok, so I've recovered!

After yesterdays DRAMA I am actually better for it. I had no choice but to get stuck in & sort, tidy & organize a little better than it was. The result, I am happy to say, is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I sorted through buttons {now all in their correct Autumn leaves baggies}, I put all the brads in one place {hallelujah!}, all little, itty, bitty, just in case off cuts of paper, saw the recycling bin. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders & my table :o) & I can actually think 'scrap' again.

I felt so inspired this afternoon by my 'new' scrap area, that I got out my half finished L.O, inspired by the cover of ALI EDWARDS new book. I started it in December last year just before we left on vacation. I stamped, stuck & journaled with everything I needed at my finger tips. I finished it in record time {before Max woke up from his afternoon nap & photographed it too I might add}. I am now SO inspired, I just want to get creative......which is a good thing, as I am dead set on applying for a couple of DT positions & hopefully getting one of them. The only hitch being, is that I will have to do completely new L.O's for the applications, with most of my new L.O's still out with magazines for consideration. Oh well, like a bit of high speed motivation to scrap ever scared me off before....NOT!! I am the queen of one night wonders, for same-night-deadlines hahahaha!

For someone like me, who is nervous of ink....this L.O was SERIOUSLY out of the box for moi! I am more than thrilled with the result tho', so much so I think I might as well take a chance & submit it anyway {even though technically it is an Ali lift}.

Happy scrapping folks....I know I will be :o)