Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ok, so I've recovered!

After yesterdays DRAMA I am actually better for it. I had no choice but to get stuck in & sort, tidy & organize a little better than it was. The result, I am happy to say, is nothing short of AMAZING!!! I sorted through buttons {now all in their correct Autumn leaves baggies}, I put all the brads in one place {hallelujah!}, all little, itty, bitty, just in case off cuts of paper, saw the recycling bin. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders & my table :o) & I can actually think 'scrap' again.

I felt so inspired this afternoon by my 'new' scrap area, that I got out my half finished L.O, inspired by the cover of ALI EDWARDS new book. I started it in December last year just before we left on vacation. I stamped, stuck & journaled with everything I needed at my finger tips. I finished it in record time {before Max woke up from his afternoon nap & photographed it too I might add}. I am now SO inspired, I just want to get creative......which is a good thing, as I am dead set on applying for a couple of DT positions & hopefully getting one of them. The only hitch being, is that I will have to do completely new L.O's for the applications, with most of my new L.O's still out with magazines for consideration. Oh well, like a bit of high speed motivation to scrap ever scared me off before....NOT!! I am the queen of one night wonders, for same-night-deadlines hahahaha!

For someone like me, who is nervous of ink....this L.O was SERIOUSLY out of the box for moi! I am more than thrilled with the result tho', so much so I think I might as well take a chance & submit it anyway {even though technically it is an Ali lift}.

Happy scrapping folks....I know I will be :o)



  1. Lookin' good! I'm jealous of all your fun product! It is nice to have it all really accesible, it makes the creative process flow so much better. Cute LO, of course the oh-so-cute pic helps! Good luck with applying for design teams, hope you get on some! :)

  2. You are a super star, I hope you find a DT or several that will recognize your talents and ask you to be a part! You ROCK!

    I am so glad to hear that you got that mess cleaned up, what a nightmare!

    Love the art!

    I try to read my devotionals in the morning... but sometimes I have to wait til nap time. :)

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  4. by the way, it makes me smile to see my little dot on your clustr map all the waaaay on the left... :O)

  5. LOve you scrap space, very inspiring! And I love the lo, the autumn leaves bird just does it. x

  6. Not guilty. I was watching CSI last night and 10 is my bedtime.
    Your space looks fantastic and in terms of the LO -I love the "LOVE" more than the bird - but Jo's entitled.
    I trust that He will grant you the desires of your heart re the design team - you are certainly creative enough to justify a place anywhere. (cept Canada or outside SA - ok ok just not really wanting you to leave that's all)

  7. I think your biggest dilemma is going to be which DT's to commit too....Careful how many you apply for cos me thinks they are going to jump at your talent! YOu inspire us all.

  8. Good for you for getting organized!! I was on a mission last night to purge things I no longer needed or wanted. I was up until 3 am sorting and organizing!! Doesn't it feel great to have everything in it's place and a place for everything??

    Your LO is just darling! I know you'll do a wonderful job on your submissions for DTs. Have fun, and don't stress!!

  9. V impressed with the neat space. Another good way to force a tidy-up is to move... I'm glad you're not putting your life on hold while you wait for Canada-things to get sorted.

  10. is there something I don't know.....??
    KJ everytime I look at a new LO I think...'hmmmm who did this?' its so nice to see SO many clever and different ideas and every page is unique not the same old....same old....
    LOL mumsy

  11. What great photos of your scrapping area...I am actually afriad to take a picture of my workplace, why would I? It's an embarrassing mess....but I love it.


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