Thursday, January 17, 2008

My turn!

Now it's my turn to post photo's of Maxi's first day @ school. He woke up with the sparrows....& demanded breakfast 'cos he wanted to go to school!!! The weary Mama...obliged even if only in body [Flip, I have got to get to bed earlier!!]...I don't know how I even managed to get the oats porridge on the go, through my 'I-wanna-sleep-blur'. It was the mug of super-strength, caffeine laced nectar that finally kick-started my old engine.

Dressing Max was a breeze today....nothing like a bit of motivation!! Given half a chance my DS would run around all day buck needless to say, clothes other than PJ's, are always a fight TO GET ON! :o)
We headed out the door right on time...the mama had everything organised the day before.......can I ask a question??? Why is it, that even though my DS is only in play school, do I have to provide a box of tissues & x4 loo rolls along, with all sorts of other art equipment & the likes for him to take with him on his first day. Is it just me or am I the only one completely out of touch with things. And when did it become the responsibility of the parents to provide loo paper??? Seriously..........


We deposited him off with his new teacher & my parting memory, was hearing him saying to her...'No thanks I don't to play in the yard...I am fine to stay here by my self & play with the cars'. Funny-bunny....a yarn full of old friends & new children to play with & he is content to rather play in the school room by himself. I expect this is the result of being an only child. At least he is comfy in his own skin......for which I am very grateful.

My independent cutie-pop, growing up much too fast for my liking.



  1. We also had to do plasters, bog rolls and tissues in pre-school.
    Sadly can't **do** SEI don't know who stocks it. My LO16 is indeed basic grey periphery (have thrown away the brown PP name and it was the last one) still have the blue (syrah) also have chardonnay, chablis, merlot & cabernet all in stock. Let me know?
    Glad Max had a good start - lots great photos by the Mama - well done.

  2. Its called 'cutting your costs' bloody cheeky heh. Scott and Erins bills for stuff for school without uniform was R 2000.00 x

  3. ooooohhhhhhhhh my GOODness! how cute is that boy!
    can I just tell you that I am giggling at "loo paper".

    we are registering Jordan for PreSchool next month... 'fraid I am gonna have to get one of those J.O.B. things to help pay for it.

    but for today, we're home playing watercolors... I guess I'll wait until naptime to tackle my hof projects.

    by the way, i did some handstitching for the first time last night on a layout and was thinking of you and ali davis, my stitching heroes... :)

  4. Cutie Max! I live for first days, but despise the early mornings too! Seriously, bathroom tissue for the school? WOW, no wonder his little back pack is so full! hope you had some fun time to yourself!

  5. What a friggin' cute kid! Wish I had one! Wait a minute, I DO! The secret to producing this kind of fine being is to grow large in the belly and the fankles(fat+ankles) for at least 9 months. But thats what you did so bravely and it seems it was all worth while! Well done to the "mama" type peanut butter sarmie making person.
    Love from the 'DH' (hope the term is right or I may have called myself something 'naastie') :-)

  6. Hmmm, loo rolls, I also had to provide at the beginning of the term in Zimbabwe, when you were at big school KJ!!


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