Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Comfort in the 'usual'.

Normality is a blessing sometimes....

My day is nothing short of normal...the usual routine......no special incident worthy of mentioning. Except that maybe, that that in itself, is worthy of a blog post. My life is good, I have no strife & at last I can truly say I am happy & at peace, with the turn my life has taken over the last couple of months. I'm OK with making school lunch every morning, dressing Max....trying to get him to sit still long enough to brush his teeth etc, blah, blah! The normality of that is sobering after speaking to Sarah about the poverty & need in the suburb of Lavender hill, which is a mere 7 km's from our home. I am in the process of clearing out all my cupboards, in the hope that I will be packing for Canada within the year & it is great knowing that we too can help that community, by passing all our extra over to the families there. Sarah was saying that even the smallest thing is a blessing to them, with so many families in dire straits as a result of aids. So, any local-yokels reading my blog, who feel the urge to contribute anything they might want to get rid of...give me a call & I can make a plan to get it from you.

I am reminded, that it is in this way, we can be Jesus' hands to a broken planet...............XXX