Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going a-partying!

We are off bright & early this morning, to the other side of the world (boerie curtain) for Maxi's cousin's 4th birthday. It should be fun...I know Maxi is SUPER excited about seeing everyone and the distraction from yesterdays DRAMA is a good thing.

Last night our orange drawer unit fell on Max. Some how he unbalanced the unit by opening too many drawers......and CRASH! it landed on top of his legs...his right leg took most of the weight & he has a very swollen right foot &knee. I got such a fright & so did Stef who was on the phone with me at the time & heard everything....thanks for your prayers my friend. Max, once he had calmed down, was so good about sitting still with frozen peas on his leg, to reduce the swelling.....@ 10 minutes he announced that he was 'all better' & that was the end of that. It is amazing how resilient kids are.....the Mama on the other hand buzzed from the adrenalin rush for hours afterwards. I haven't downloaded the pic's of the boy & the peas yet...I will post them later when I get back.

Stef, your new blog header ROCKS! girl. You sure learn quick...a 10 minute tutorial on the phone & it's done. I am impressed!

Have a super Saturday.


  1. Shame I really do hope he is fine now. BTW did you have the peas for supper?
    Thanks for your PSE5 help.

  2. OH NO !!!! Big hugs to Maxi from his Hawaiian Aunty... I think I'd have a heart attack! Glad to hear he's doing well!


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