Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just not cricket!

Are you ready to be grossed out?

Here in the Cape we have been experiencing very unusual weather patterns...making this Summer the wettest & most humid, we have had in years. The result, other than being unbearable hot, is the infestation of insects that is plaguing the entire city. We have had a list a mile long of different critters (I won't mention the types, lest I freak my neighbours out), move into our home. 6 years in this house & I have never seen x1 cricket......This year...well, I have lost count at how many we have caught & destroyed. YuCK!!

Last night I was getting some serious scrapping done....out of the corner of my eye I noticed something black sprint across floor. When the realization dawned on me, that is was one of those disgusting singing nasties....I grabbed the closest thing to me....a CD I had on my scrap table. I lunged & squashed it. The blighter got itself firmly wedged in the center hole of the CD...& that's where I left him, until this morning. After breakfast, I thought I'd better go tidy up the squished bug ooze before someone stepped in it; that's when I thought I might as well immortalize him. I grabbed my camera & Clayton Cricket the 30th became my latest photo subject, as well my deep & meaningful post for today.

C.C, may he rest in peace......(golly it is disgusting isn't it?)



  1. That does not look like fun at all!

  2. You are the only person I know that can make up a whole post about a cricket - well done! As far as I am concerned the only good cricket is a dead one!

  3. Thanks so much for this post to cheer me up.
    I have just one quote "oh Jimminy!" from Disney's Pinnochio

  4. YIKES! and gross! I am so not a bug fan. That would creep me out!

  5. You know, crickets don't bother me at all. Actually, we usually have about 500 of them in the house at any give time to feed my bearded dragon. I just go in their habitat and scoop them on up! They just kind of crawl all over the place on my hands, and sometimes jump on my I grossing you out yet!! LOL :)


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