Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We went to the zoo the other day....not that is can really be classified as a zoo but rather a sanctuary for rescued animals. It is privately owned & even though it is rundown and a bit ratty, we like to visit & do our part to keep it open. It wasn't a planned trip, we sort of went for a drive & ended up there. It ended up being great fun.

Maxi got himself organised for the on animals....sunglasses for the 'bright light'....Whiskers the cat for company & snack box.....heaven to a 3yr old.

The big cats were fantastic.... & HUGE!

And then we saw this baby.....aaaaaw!
There was a whole litter of teeny-tiny wild cats, it is hard so to believe that
this adorable ball of fluff grows into a huge cat.

This pic is for all those Jungle book fan's out there....

And then there were these animals......Oh! is us....haha!

On the way home the sky behind Table Mountain was amazing!

Have a great day everyone! XX


  1. Looks like a great day. Where was this?

  2. I am astonished to admit I have never been to a zoo in CT! Where is it??

  3. You are so cute! Lovely pics as always .....

  4. love it! I know Jordan and Maxi would have so much fun together! I love those pictures... and awww how cute is that little fluff ball?!

  5. oooooooooooooh that looks so fun!

  6. Hi Kim,

    What a gorgeous landscape photo, the trees which look African to me (somehow they are unlike the ones here) and the mountain!


  7. Those are great photos - I really enjoyed reading your blog - Melody gave me the link!

  8. Seeing the vulture reminds me of "what do you want to do?" "I don't know what do you want to do?" OK so 200 times may be a few too many times of watching the jungle book but it was a favourite in the era of Disney videos...
    I love the shadow photo too VERY dang cute!
    Great seeing you today.

  9. Wow - it looks like you had a really fun day! I love supporting animal rescues such as this one. Good for you!!


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