Friday, February 08, 2008


My laptop went in today for an overhaul & more RAM. I can't believe just how much I use my laptop during the day....I was completely LOST without it. I think I have a problem.....I love blogging & scrapping far too much {if there is such a thing}. I think I am going to start having a designated...NO COMPUTER day, at least once a week.....No Laughing! It is worth a try, I say. Lets see how long I can keep it up? I'll keep you posted

Our weekend is looking relaxed & uncluttered.....just the way I like it. Hopefully the wind will abate a bit & we can spend some time outdoors. Freaky hey? saying we can't be outdoors because of the wind...40+ knots is just too much for Max...he hates the wind with a passion.

I did this L.O a little while is totally one of my favorites. My kidlets look just too beautiful for words.

Have a great weekend with your families.


  1. I love it. I think I must drag out my PP as just a little makes the LO so pretty. Stunning. Have a good one from us too.

  2. They are beautiful...and so is the way you arranged the layout and the elements you added! The playroom looks wonderful. When our room is "clean" you can see the floor pretty well, but I don't know if we'll ever get organized again.

  3. Very nice KJ, the LO looks 'happy' luv the spotty dot heart.@@
    ps: miss you lot!!

  4. I suffer if I can't go online for a day. Shocking to realise. Let me know how long your playroom stays so neat!

  5. nice lo, I know what you mean about the laptop, mine died a month ago and I'm still in mourning, now dh and I have to share the big computer, and he is always playing online bunco!!!! We don't like to share...:)


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