Saturday, February 16, 2008

No time like the present!

Have you had any projects lying around that you just haven't gotten to or have been putting off, like for ever?
This is where i put my hand way up high!

I on Tuesday after I finished putting in my application for at DT position at this really cute site Alley Scraps (pray I get it, won't you!); I decided there was no time like the present to tackle our honeymoon album. Yes, yes! I can hear the raucous laughter......I know it was 6 years ago...but I have a legit excuse.....Ummmmm! I do really, I do.
Anyhow moving right along....the point of the matter is that I did it; I finished the album. And I LOVE it! Now, those scrapping buddies of mine out there, who know me well, have heard me bleat on countless times about how :' I don't have any clue how to do mini albums', well the corner has been turned, I can officially say I finished my very own mini album. The great thing I have discovered about mini albums is that their size determines the width of the photo's, so sorting, re-sizing & printing out (using PS) is a breeze. I also had such fun not following 'the rules' by inserting momentous, extra photo's, notes etc I love the eclectic mix of bright colours, printed papers & odd embellishments. I was an incredibly fun exercise to do.

I must WARN you though, that sheer or clear albums are NOT for the feint hearted or those in a rush. It has to be carefully planned because what you do on the one side, can be seen through the page onto the other side & there fore has to be covered (exactly) underneath. Double sided papers make life much easier but you still need to plan it well. The cover with the tiny pic's was inspired by a page done by Caroline Ikeji. Please note the AL stamps :o)

I will stop yakking now & show you the album.

Well that's all for now folks...have a happy family, scrappy weekend.


  1. Beaut Kim; love it. But thanks for pointing out the pitfalls....being the type of non-perfectionist; super-fa; slap-dash scrapper that I am....Well I think I will swerve this type of album!!! Will just drool over yours.

  2. I too have reservations about my abilities with this type of precision work, even with my cutter I manage to cut skew, now having to stick straight from both side Oy Vey!

  3. Your album is just adorable! I love it so much and am inspired! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  4. that is so gorgeous!!! I want to see pics of each page though, you've got me curious!!! (I am a very inquisitive person!!!)

  5. Hope you get that DT position!

    Your album is gorgeous!

  6. I am praying for you. if they have any sense at all you're at the top o the list! LOVE that mini, super super cute! bravo!

    I am a huge mini album fan.... I always get a sense of completing a project....and the scale is doable!

  7. Thanks so much for the comments. He's a toy dog that I downloaded.

  8. I just love that album! Would like to do one myself. Must remind Jo to organise a class!!

  9. Absolutely lovely!! I need to tackle a clear album soon. They scare me though!!

    Good luck on the DT position. With your talent, I'm betting you'll get it :)

  10. Beautiful album, thanks so much for posting it! =)


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