Monday, February 25, 2008

Not much!

Don't have much to say today. Although I have been scrapping like crazy to finish some L.O's due for page calls by this arvi. I am relieved to say I made it just in time...the cut off time was 6 a.m their time. I have no idea why I leave everything to the last minute??? The pressure somehow gets me motivated to get stuff out. Wish I could show you the L.O's....but I can't due to their strict, 'never seen before' policy. If I don't hear anything from them in the next couple of weeks, I will post them on my blog, OK.

Well I am going to plunge my lazy carcass into the pool to cool off.
See ya!


  1. I think an adrenaling junkie you be...HMMM? said in Yoda speak.

  2. Will be nice to see, I enjoy your layouts.


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