Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi there guys~

Are you well? I've been just great in case you were wondering why I've been so quiet on the blog front!

We haven't been doing anything earth-shatteringly interesting of late. Although we did go out for a family supper to the Spur steak ranch tonight...& I suppose in the family of a 3.3/4yr old, that is pretty interesting stuff.
T & I actually had eye-to-eye time for a change & enjoyed our food hot,which is unusual. Normal protocol is: gobble whilst trying not to choke, as you swallow chunks whole or send your food back 8 or so times during your stay, while you chase him around the restaurant.....all because tonight Max was on his own private mission. He didn't need one moments minding. He did pop in to touch base with us every so often & to stuff some more toasties & fries in his beak...and then he was off again to play. At one stage we saw him sitting comfortably at the table of some perfect strangers. He was swinging his legs and chewing, which was a bit of a worry at the time, seeing as it wasn't his own food he could have been eating. I opted to remain ignorant at that stage :o) . He happily chatted up a storm with them...our boy the socialite LOL!

This is a pic of him giving me a puppet show...he's the
doctor & she's the nurse...complete with nurse voice.

I am scrapping like mad for Friday's Becky Higgins sketch deadline. I am even attempting a double page L.O & actually loving it. JO! no finger pointing please! I know, I know, I did say @ one stage, that 'doubles were out'....forgive me I was wrong. Are any of you submitting too?

I have a question for you...what size L.O do you prefer scrapping???

* 12x12
* 24x12
* 8x8
* 6x6

I'll leave you with this adorable pic of Max doing what he does best....looking darn CUTE!

Have a great day where ever you find yourself because the Lord came to give us life & life more abundantly! So have some fun will ya!