Saturday, March 01, 2008

The small things....

This is my post from Friday. I just haven't had 2 minutes free to post it until now. The result of life with kids!!!

Our lives are made up of so much, both big & small and good & bad. Sometimes is hard not to allow the YUK things to overtake & smother the good things, however small. And even tho' I live with the 'hope' that believing in Jesus brings me, I still have times when I question the where & why of things...we all have those days I am sure. It is in these moments that I like to remind myself of the good in my life....the evidence of His tangible presence. It is mostly in picture form....I hope you don't mind?

I love my family...& the small moments that put a smile to my dial.
Maxi had dress up @ school....we didn't have any bought costumes, so we improvised. He was concerned that he didn't have a Captains he was named "Max the first mate' instead!

As a treat I decided it was time to be promoted from first mate to Captain......we now have a store bought pirate outfit....and so 'Captain Hook' was born. Aaaaarh!

I am so in-love with this guy....he is a fun loving, crazy-nut! I am so grateful to be married to him!

I love the fact that we live so close to nature & can be in it, in minutes!

I love that we are surrounded by so much creativity. This is wooden fire extinguisher mounted on the entrance gate to the is a warning against the severity of fires. Amazing thought!

I am grateful that I can cook & have the means to appreciate good food.

I am amazed at God's HUGENESS! This is a pic of the comet as it passed by Table Mountain in 2007.
Somehow doing an exercise like this, helps one to jolt out of the fog & realise life is in fact good.
Have a great day!