Saturday, March 01, 2008

The small things....

This is my post from Friday. I just haven't had 2 minutes free to post it until now. The result of life with kids!!!

Our lives are made up of so much, both big & small and good & bad. Sometimes is hard not to allow the YUK things to overtake & smother the good things, however small. And even tho' I live with the 'hope' that believing in Jesus brings me, I still have times when I question the where & why of things...we all have those days I am sure. It is in these moments that I like to remind myself of the good in my life....the evidence of His tangible presence. It is mostly in picture form....I hope you don't mind?

I love my family...& the small moments that put a smile to my dial.
Maxi had dress up @ school....we didn't have any bought costumes, so we improvised. He was concerned that he didn't have a Captains he was named "Max the first mate' instead!

As a treat I decided it was time to be promoted from first mate to Captain......we now have a store bought pirate outfit....and so 'Captain Hook' was born. Aaaaarh!

I am so in-love with this guy....he is a fun loving, crazy-nut! I am so grateful to be married to him!

I love the fact that we live so close to nature & can be in it, in minutes!

I love that we are surrounded by so much creativity. This is wooden fire extinguisher mounted on the entrance gate to the is a warning against the severity of fires. Amazing thought!

I am grateful that I can cook & have the means to appreciate good food.

I am amazed at God's HUGENESS! This is a pic of the comet as it passed by Table Mountain in 2007.
Somehow doing an exercise like this, helps one to jolt out of the fog & realise life is in fact good.
Have a great day!


  1. Lovely post! God is really great, I also enjoy being in nature and thinking about Him. Love the photo of the comet, did you take it?

  2. thanks for the reminders of all we have to be grateful for!

  3. Indeed, life is stupendously rich and full of excitement. Even the small things like being a pirate.

  4. Love the post - well worth waiting for. Your food looks very delish too. I heard what a great cook you are. What comet was it?

  5. Love the comet pic - stunning. Great post. x

  6. Great photos. And thanks so much for your comments on my dd's project!

  7. I LOVE those pictures! maxi is the cutest... as always... love the nature pictures and wow that fire extinguisher is pretty cool.. hugs to T, and LOVE that amazing comet picture, just WOW!


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