Tuesday, March 04, 2008

'Barb-ie' night!

We had ourselves one of those..... last night. T was out of his office at 5.15pm, so we thought we'd make the most of the windless weather & have a fun family night together.

The boys hit the pool first & swam for at least an hour before we put the meat on the braai. I love watching them frolic...they are so creatively rough together....the more Max 'works T over', the happier he is. I took loads of photo's. Actually I took so many I am embarrassed to tell you how many :o)
I have a husband who braai's....{*barbeque's~ is the translation} , I never thought I'd ever get to say that in my life time. See the intense concentration on his face....he was determined to get the food done to perfection ..& what a great job he did!

We were spoilt with preservative free boerewors {spiced farm sausage~ is the translation}, chicken sausage from Woolies, roasted sweet potatoes, Afrikaans cheese, onion & cheese toasties and curried beans with peaches in a salad. Tersh thought he was in Afrikaans heaven & was transported back to when his Mom was alive & used to make them food like this all the time. Please note the Mrs. Ball's chutney...no South African table is complete without a bottle of this yummy condiment on it.

We had a divine evening worthy of a blog post & most probably a future scrap page. It felt like a 3 day weekend, you should try it sometime. Once again our God is showing off in our very peaceful lives.

I hope your day is as good as mine so far.
*Hugs* to you all.