Thursday, March 06, 2008

Beach time.

We are definitely making the most of the gorgeous SUMMER weather over the last few days & headed to the beach late yesterday arvi. My darling hubbie was SO itching to surf that we could hardly refuse an opportunity to get wet with him. It was a perfect summers evening with a light off shore wind ,which apparently makes for glassy surf conditions (what that all means I have no idea LOL!). Max enjoyed himself thoroughly, which for a little boy who SERIOUSLY doesn't DO sand, was a breakthrough!
We dug....
Built sandcastles.....
Ran around.....
Had first 'dry surf' lesson from Dad.......Tersh with his 'I'm stoked face on!'.....
Wave jumping with Dad.....
The only pic of me.....hahaha!
Hope you guys have a great rest of day!


  1. are you trying to make us jealous, its grey, misty, cold and just plain yuck this afternoon. where oh where is sun ! glad max isn't using arm bands. speak soon LOL

  2. I love the way you make summer sound and look fabulous, I am so melting and fading in the heat aircon or not. My car registered 38 today Degrees Celsius...looking so forward to the next cold front.
    Also have ADSL problems today off/on/off again. Thanks for a great morning.

  3. I love love love it! those pictures are great! Is arvi afternoon?

  4. summer? oh yeah, you're in the SOUTHERN hemisphere!!! :)

  5. Great photos! Very easy for dad being in a wetsuit and all! But then kids don't feel the cold water do they?

  6. Wonderful photos!! I can't believe it's summer where you are. We're still battling the winter blues over here. I can't wait for Sprint to come!!


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