Friday, March 07, 2008

Bunking is good for the soul!

We bunked the whole morning...T & I sneaked off for a morning alone. Well not completely alone, as we were surrounded by people where ever we went but the fact that it was a week day & in the morning made it... 'HOLLIE HOXIE!' ~(loosely translated: Bad! bad!), it felt like we were breaking the rules, like 'cutting' school. I had a to-do list a mile long & was grateful for Tersh's company. We had loads of fun.....we yakked up a storm, joked & horsed around, spoke to strangers & eventually got the list done. Afterward we headed to a 'cheap' restaurant, who served all day breakfasts & we dined on delish meals, surrounded by old couples seated in red vinyl booths. To put you in the picture...this restaurant is one that none of my self respecting buddies would eat at or be seen at. It is cheap & NASTY but the high volume of brekkies (breakfasts) that go through their kitchen everyday, makes for fresh tasty food.

Mumsie & Pops...these pic's are just for you....(it is their old haunt)....

'T' looking very pleased with himself.....
having your own business does have it's perks occasionally.
Yum brekkie....
Caffeine on tap....yippee!
I saw the clocks from around the world
& thought of all my friends & family over the seas.

Don't you just love it when people pay you to scrapbook???? I find the feeling is especially strong when you find one of these little darlin's in the mail box. CK....I luv ya!!

I am about to drop my bod into my delicious pool to try & get away from this horrid creeping heat.
Enjoy your Friday...XXX


  1. What a lovely post. We (all of your devoted fan club) are so very proud of your scrapping accomplishments.
    I am also loving the photos - what interesting angles you have taken them from!
    Glad you're back - long may it last.

  2. You commented on my blog once about the warm weather...well, it's cold here, so neat to have a friend on the opposite side of the world!!!
    Heck, ya, I'd love to get paid to scrapbook, hasn't happened yet, but then again, I haven't been trying to hard. You're awesome! You deserve every penny...oh, how much do you make per layout (if you don't mind me asking)?

  3. Yip that 'fancy' eating establishment is non other than WIMPEY - the word's out - get there and enjoy the plastic seating in 30deg heat...hee hee, our best is Saturday morning Lymington market high street, bacon baps served from the 'Tasty Treats' clapped-out old caravan....
    Clueless Lane is ALWAYS there, can't get her away!!!

  4. Hi there. Here's where you can find the Scrap of Faith DT Call:

  5. YAY for paychecks from CK. I love the picures! hmmm wonder if they had a Hawaii clock?

  6. sounds like a fun day! dh and I both had time off today and we went out to lunch and then ice cream, but alas I forgot the camera!!!

  7. I also enjoy breakfast from that restaurant - a great place to take the kids to as well! When Colin and I are alone we try out the different coffee shops and that is also great! My favourite is still "Friday Island" in Langebaan!

  8. Can't believe you ate that! But if you're going to go awol, go awol-big.

  9. for those in the big wide world, red plastic seats can only mean you went to 'WIMPY'.....yeah....made us jealous

  10. Wimpy???? It wasn't the was worse bwhahahahaha! A non nondescript place called 'A place in time' or by a little French man :o)


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