Monday, March 10, 2008

Ooooo! they feel tight.

These were the words that broke through my AM fog this morning. Maxi had gotten up at some SILLY hour (it was still dark I might add), I told him to go and amuse himself, lest he would have to deal with an ULTRA-'grompy' Mama.

He duly did as he was told and pottered around for about half an hour. When came back to our room & I heard him let himself out into the yard via our sliding door. I assumed he was having a wee. When he came back in I was relieved to see he had wrestled his clothes back on by himself...wheeeu! that meant I could slug in the bed with him for another 10 minutes or so before he started demanding breakfast. He just couldn't keep still tho', he squirmed & turned until I just got up.

All through breakfast he wriggled & complained non stop about the tag on his undies being irritating . I thought he'd eaten too much when he said the undies were too 'flippin' tight (I am ashamed to admit that 'flippin', is my horrid influence on my child...I am trying to remedy it tho') . This is when I thought I'd better see what was going on with those undies......& this is what I found........

Hahahahah! the poor little guy had somehow squeezed himself through one of the legs of the undies & had the waist elastic between his legs. I can't believe he persevered for as long as he about getting some serious chafe going on.

The joys & pains of growing up hey???