Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend fun!

We had a great weekend....even tho' the weather was more than weird! It was so hot & humid, it made everything damp & sticky. The endless rain made matters 1oo times worse too. Not the sort of weather we are used to here in the Cape but it didn't put a dampener on things {haha!}. We woke up at sparrows on Saturday morning & went to watch Scott {Jo's son} play a water polo match at his new school.....Scott you looked like a pro out there & made the other guys look like they could hardly swim! Max thoroughly enjoyed himself & told anyone who'd listen :
' There's my friend Scott in the pool!!!'

....we spent loads of time in our pool at home too, in an attempt to get away from the hideous creeping heat. The kids had a ball especially as they couldn't believe it when we gave them permission to swim in the rain. That then gave us a little more time to do some tiding & rearranging in the house. The lounge/dining room area are looking spotless...just the way we like it. How long it will stay like this I have no idea :o)

Cas had her friend Taylo
r over to swim.....Cas was so full of mischief tho' & was always looking for opportunities to dunk Taylor under....this is Cas's reaction after having 'caught' her unawares again! I happened to have the camera out & caught her in the act!

They are 2 grades apart age wise but are the greatest of friends!

The balls in the cozzie thing, was obviously Cas's idea...Taylor played along reluctantly. My camera pointing in their direction didn't make things any easier for poor Taylor either. Cas on the other hand is never fazed, she is a complete act & loves the camera. Her most fav thing to do, is have me photograph her striking a super model pose.

Cas has a school oral about her family tomorrow & needed a family portrait shot to show her class. So we dressed up {well sort of} & had such fun horsing in front the camera {even Max which is quite something}....I was finally able to get a half decent shot of all of us, where we are looking at the camera & smiling. For the couple of shots I got, it was so worth the heat & eyeliner.

Cas & I posed for this Mama & daughter shot, which turned out quite nicely...I must wear make-up more often I think.........NOT! hahaha!

Anyways have a great Monday everyone....XXXX

P.S Stef, I think you are a STAR for making the Journaling Junkie DT!


  1. luverly pics luv the one of you and Cass. We actually had sunshine today, whooooweeeee

  2. Lovely photos, and you really look good with makeup, definitely worth the effort!

  3. You do look absolutely fahbulous darlink! But people tell me I look better with makeup too - still don't like the fell of it. Thanks for the PS. My "best" photo? the one of Cas enjoying the dunking. Lovely post. TFS.

  4. OMG you look fabulous. Love the girls with 'boobs' erin loves to do that too. Please send me some pics of you. x

  5. I love the pictures, you all look great! Makeup is worth the effort (as I sit here bare faced at the computer) I hope you are doing well... my mil went home on sunday morning, and while it was a good visit, it's always good to get back into my routines. Jordan and I got lots done this morning with Jalen back at school and troy back at work. the silence was beautiful!

  6. I agree with ya'll too....Kim, you look gorgeous with make-up, but I don't always feel comforatble in it.
    What a great pic of the 4 of you! Is your hair naturally curly? It's beautiful!


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