Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another TOOT!

Hi there everyone....I was so excited that I just had to share this with you.....

Please don't think I am getting all self important by sharing this....because for a humble scrapper from South Africa, getting published by overseas mag's, is quite something & it is always awesome being able to show you what I have been up to.

This L.O has been published in the current issue of Scrapbook and Cards It is a fantastic magazine & can be also downloaded in PDF format from their website.
To give credit where credit is due.....the original inspiration for this L.O came from a sketch I saw on Page maps, so do yourselves a favour & go & have a look there. You will find a wealth of inspiration for any type of L.O and everything there is available to download for easy reference.

Thanks for all your amazing support are the best ever!


  1. Woo-hoo! You know, I LOVE page-maps...I haven't been there for too long, though. I love that they have the map and right next to it how someone used it!

  2. Yahooooooooo! THat is wonderful! I am so proud and thrilled for you! !!!!! :O)

  3. congrats, what a beautiful lo!!!

  4. The challenge for us is finding new ways to congratulate you. Inspiring as always.
    Toot away, what delight we take in your success.
    BTW Dad is proud of you too!

  5. I LOVE this lo, prob one of my favs. Never heard of Scrapbook and Cards, I am really surprised this didnt make it to CK.

  6. Gorgeous LO as always! You deserve getting published!

  7. Well done KJ this is a really lovely LO.....and on the publish.....

  8. Gorgeous layout and wonderful Blog !Congrats !!!!

    Norma from AMM

  9. Well done yet again! Why am I not surprised he he!

    Just a few days ago the lady who's showing me how to get started with the scrapbooking thing, presented the Scrapbook Page Maps book to us by Becky Fleck. I was amazed. Think I might have to purchase it.

    Take care and blessings to both you and Tersh!

  10. I need to say something rude and obnoxious just to be

    Well done KJ. BTW Sorry if I was a bit weird yesterday but I has just taken Sinutab before I came and read later that it makes you drowsy...I felt very spacey so forgive me!!!

  11. Good for you! Beautiful work!


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