Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I was lost without my regular blogger fix....4 days of having no internet cap was torture! So all of you blogging buddies that I regularly visit, relax...I am not ignoring you :o)
The weekend was very relaxing; Cas left us on Saturday which is always sad...we miss her & enjoyed her spending school break with us. I got some COOL photo's of the kiddlets horsing around. Great scrapping amo!

I took Maxi to the Baxter theater this A.M. to see The Ugly Duckling & other stories. Hmmmm! do I tell the truth or act vague about the performance?? The truth it will be.....it was down right embarrassing! The costumes were soooo bad. I mean the guy in the outfit, wore these nasty pantaloons that had a rip up the crotch, which caused an even nastier piece of his white under pants to poke out every time he bent over...eeeeu!! And the Princess obviously couldn't reach the zip in her ratty gown because it was down the whole time; how she kept the dress on I have no idea. The dialogue was bad & hard to hear & the content silly and sometimes wasted on an audience, who on average, weren't older than 3-6yrs old. Seriously, what does a 4yr old know about rising inflation, Eskom load shedding or the ridiculous price of fuel ?????? Hello! 4yr olds!!!
Well, I can say one thing tho', the actors seemed to enjoy themselves immensely , regardless of the rest of us.
My child true to form, felt led to shout out a couple of responses to them during the preformance.
The one was: "Mama that Princess is dumb...she doesn't want her presents" ( the ungrateful princess had just thrown her rose & nightingale in a cage away)
and :"Mama the King is STUPID(cringe), there are no pants on that hanger...I can't see them!! (the King's new/invisible non-existent clothes).....I did try & shhhhhush him, to no avail. At least he was listening I suppose & I can safely say I have honored my parental duty & 'exposed' him to a bit of culture, even if dodgey~ hahaha!
Oh ya I forgot to mention that I got into trouble for taking a photograph in the theater(I didn't know you couldn't)....was the blurry one in the bottom right corner worth it I ask? Nope! LOL! In case you were wondering...the creatures in the large black sunnies are the ducklings...no jokes!

Well enough said about that. I am off to blog hop a bit & catch up with everyones news.
Later gals!