Thursday, April 24, 2008

Daytime dating!

I was treated yesterday to a day time date with my bloke. He decided it was time to get out of the office & 'smell the roses'.....& take advantage of being a business owner. Being a rare windless day in Cape Town, we headed to the beach for a coffee with a view of False Bay. The restaurant, 'the Empire Cafe', used to be our old haunt pre-kids, so it was fab! to be in familiar seeing an old friend again & talking about old friends, we met up with some very dear people there that we hadn't seen in ages. They joined us & the morning ended up being wonderful fun, with 2 hours of non-stop conversation....big people was heavenly hahaha!The Corner surf shop (a legend in the Cape Town surf circles) was right near where we had parked, so T spent a good long while 'oggling' at the surf boards. So many of the new range has real wood grain the vintage boards from the 50's. They were AMAZING & if I ever had to learn to surf...I want one of those :o)
This photo is for my Mum & Pop's.....guys look what we found in Shoprite...'Laxa' (laxative) tea packaged all la-di-da~ hahahaha! When T & I saw it we laughed so hard. What next??

Have yourselves a super day & if possible try & grab a moment alone with your other half; to chat eye to eye, connect & feel like big people again. No matter how short whether in a restaurant or in the car with a flask of coffee @ the end of the road. It is a necessary thing to put aside the business of life & even if just for a moment.... hold hands & just be together!