Sunday, April 27, 2008

A few days ago I was graciously honored, with a beautiful bloggy award by my Hawaiian friend Joscie:

Joscie said...
I have such a hard time "picking" awardees. Not because I can't think of 5 amazing bloggers,but because I can't think of only 5 amazing bloggers. Hello, Have you seen the list of amazing bloggers in my sidebar? These are just 5 of the beautiful, talented, gifted, kind women bloggers who contribute so much to the bloggy world!
I am passing it forward to: KJ (thats me & 4 other of her fab! bloggy friends)

Isn't that just the sweetest? So here is the "award".

Thank you Joscie....I in turn would like to give it straight back to you. Your blog is an inspiration for your readers, from all over the globe. Thank you, you are such a honey XX

I took some pic's yesterday..

Evidence that Maxi is growing up.....he handles that car remote control like a pro.

Now isn't the perfect shot of Max playing in the rain....

Nope.....there wasn't a rain cloud in the sky hahaha! It was Max trying out his new umbrella, when his sister Cas, ambushed him with the garden sprinkler. She had a ball getting him back for all the pranks he has ever played on her. He was in boy heaven (shh! don't tell her tho' ...she thinks her revenge was sweet)

Hope you are having a great day everyone XXXX