Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mad house!

Here in the Watson household we are frantically preparing for Maxi's 4th birthday tomorrow. He is so excited he could pop....hence the new anthem being sung at full volume whenever any of us remembers:
"It's MY birthday!!!It's MY birthday!!!"

Last night this is what the kitchen looked like at 9.30pm.....

but by this morning I was able to shimmy Maxi off to school with Aunty Sarah, armed to the teeth with delish looking cupcakes.

Leaving me to quickly head off to buy party boxes for the kiddies grub & sparklers because what is a rocket cake without sparklers???? Yip....I have been commissioned by Max to make him a rocket cake. Each year the kiddlets get to choose a cake, which T & I make & decorate with love & complete dedication.

Faithful fans I will keep you posted!!
Have a fab! day!!!