Sunday, April 06, 2008

Joy of skype!

Not 5 minutes ago I have had the joy of experiencing snow.....thick blanketing snow falling from the sky..............(no Africa isn't in the midst of a weather crisis :o), we did this via the incredible joy of Skype & a web cam. It is so amazing to be able to speak to my parents & see them in real time. They were so much part of our lives a year ago when they were staying with us, but job opportunities took them off to Lymington, Hampshire, just next to the New Forest in England & WE MISS THEM!!! So this is one way of keeping in touch with them regularly. They are the coolest most up-to-date Grandparents a little boy could wish for, Max LOVES chatting to them every other day & you can imagine his elation when he heard he heard the tell tale skype jingle from the laptop......"Yaaaay! Grams & Pop's are calling!!!". We had the privelage of witnessing the very unusual snow they are experiencing right now as we speak in the UK. My Dad carried the laptop around & I took photo's with my web cam.....HOW COOL IT THAT???

Ok the quality might not be the best but bear in mind my Dad was standing in the doorway looking out at my Mom playing in the snow. I can't believe how well the camera handled the distance of about......half way around the planet :o)

Guys you are the best in the whole wide world!!!!