Monday, April 07, 2008

No where to go!

We all had a pretty laid back, 'non' sort of Sunday. The weather was iffy & we had no idea what to do with Max. There is just no where to go, with a energy charged 3.5yr old, in this city. We decided to give Houtbay try & ended up at Dunes. We got there, unloaded ourselves, found a table in their great kiddy-friendly, outside play area with tables. Max took about 2 seconds to find himself a play mate while we had a look at the was horrid! There was no variety & the prices ridiculously high, so we unceremoniously packed our selves up again & went in search of something else. After another 2 false starts, we gave up & headed a DVD, ordered pizza in & spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch. We will not try that again in a hurry!!!
Dunes Restaurant~

Max was shouting over to his new friend that: 'We are going to find another restaurant!!'
So much for creeping out quietly.....the whole of Houtbay knew our plans after he let rip LOL!

An afternoon spent noshing delish, Hawaiian pizza (I thought of you Joscie :o)

Penance for making Max sit in the car for so long while we went in search of a
kiddy-friendly restaurant, was to sit with him through the whole of Jimmy Neutron.
It wasn't too bad I least it wasn't Micky Mouse or something similar.
Those have to be my worst!!!

Well guys I am about to retouch a whole lot of pic's for Fuji. I can't believe I am actually doing it because since I started scrapping 3 years ago, I have printed all my pic's on my own printer. Today is a big day!! I now enter the realm of scrapping 6"x4" jumbo's. Watch this space hahaha!