Tuesday, April 08, 2008


My day seemed full of yellow today. I woke up this A.M to Max holding a butternut squash to his ear.....saying: "Um..yes...I see, I'm not sure....oh really! That is great....no I don't know...OK, bye Stitch".
"Mama...ssshhh I am talking on the space phone with Stitch" (from Lilo & Stitch fame) & in case you weren't quite sure if you had read right...yes, he had a butternut to his ear.

Max...creative...funny & oh so cute!!!

We then realised, too late I might add, to boil the kettle in time for the scheduled electricity cuts. We thought it was 8.30 AM but at 8.15 AM off it went, so Tersh fired up our loud, fuel guzzling, smoke spewing, seriously loud generator. It took him much muscle power to coax the devil to start...but when it finally kicked into life, Tersh & Tammy (his designer) were able to carry on life as usual. Life in 'Aaaarfrica'......
Meet Bessie!

Meters of extension cables & plug adapters.

Priority at it's best...coffee & wireless internet get plugged in first LOL!

We had a kitten in the house this morning....Max discovered his mittens while I was sorting out his winter clothes this AM. Do you remember that rhyme...3 little kittens had lost their mittens....? He loves that story!

My child really squeezed my heart today, by presenting me with a yellow daisy he had found on a walk to the park. He turned to me & said: "Mama, this flower is for you because you are a very special person :o) & I love you very much!"...no jokes, I almost crushed his ribcage with my hug of appreciation. I am truly blessed to have landed a super cute kid like him to love. His love language is so mature, it often leaves me staring with my jaw open.

Well guys that's the long & short of my day...I hope yours was everything as great!