Wednesday, May 14, 2008

'Art' you cute!

I have been trying really hard to get Maxi to engage in crafty activities. I have to keep them focused on subjects that he relates to otherwise his attention span is about 1 yesterday we made a mobile for his room. It was of planets, stars & included rocket & the little Einsteins....right up his alley, so much so that he did it happily with me for most of the afternoon.

He started off the exercise by by covering himself in stickers.....I call it part of the 'mental preparation process' needed to psych himself up for a craft session. We then coloured in all the relevant bits 'n pieces...& he did quite well actually considering his usual modus operandi is to scribble. We then stuck all the paper onto card board....with the amount of glue he used...they will never come off. I then cut the pictures out, tied fishing gut to each of them & he helped me tie everything to a reshaped wire hanger. Viola! a gorgeous mobile which he proudly tells everyone, we made together.
Fig. #1Fig. #2
Fig. #3
A a gift to encourage him in his love of space, our solar system & planets; I found Maxi this amazing wall chart. He educates both Tersh & I every opportunity he can, about what the names of all the planets are. When I was his age, I didn't even know what space was, let alone what the names of all the planets are. Times have definitely changed. LOL!Don't you love bright colours....especially if they are fat envelopes that are jet setting overseas as we 'speak' :o)