Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stolen moments!

I got a call from Maxi's teacher asking me to fetch him from Play school early. That he had been complaining of a sore stomach & back all morning. He had mentioned the same symptoms for the last couple of days but without fever or the obvious toilet visits I didn't want to medicate him. Shame, today he was really struggling with uncomfortable cramping, so a quick visit to the pharmacy for Buscupain, Probotics & Electrolytes (all for a whopping bill of R98.70) I settled him on the couch with a DVD. Afterwards he pottered around, while I did stuff around the house.

I caught him on camera, quietly sitting in the kitchen on his red dot mat (he had dragged through from his bedroom), with his electrolyte juice, a bowl of pretzels & the biggest story book in the house, reading. By the end of the day he had perked up considerably.
This picture I managed to capture from the outside, through the glass sliding door without Tersh or Max seeing me. It is always a great feeling to see how dedicated Tersh is to his little boy in the evenings before Maxi's bedtime. They were playing rough & tumble and cars in our room (please note the chaos). Max is definitely on the mend by the amount of activity happening. A far sight better than the early part of today.
This is a pic of our supper roasting...chicken, small onions & washed, unskinned potatoes with steamed veggies. It looked so yum that I had to take a photograph of it. Only when I downloaded the photo's did I notice myself in the left hand corner...turned out quite creative I think.

Well you lovely lot I must get back to my scrapping. Have a grand day!