Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At this moment...

Morning everyone! How did you sleep? ask? Not ENOUGH! Never enough....Ugh! I am so sleepy as I type this...good thing I have spell check & an endless supply of caffeine laced beverages on tap.
I was tagged by Martha the other day...with the COOLEST tag....'photographic evidence of places in my home right now'. Well mine are a mixture from Monday (a public holiday for us here in SA) & today...I hope that's OK!

My fridge....WOW! it actually looks really healthy in there. Most important occupant of the fridge can be found on the right, in the incredibly necessary Diet Pepsi. My kitchen & sink after making waffles for breakfast. Max decided eating @ the kitchen table wasn't a good idea but rather opted for the floor, on a blanket. Sam please note the little row of bottle tops next to him. He swiped them off my scrap table :o)
This is the kitchen table where we eat most of our is like a magnet for junk! There is always a load of stuff on it, which gets shoved into the back corner to make room to sit.
My loo....which is in my bedroom...we have an open plan bathroom-bedroom-wet room vibe. Nope there is no door, so if we NEED to go, then we use one of the others in the house (there are 4...plenty to choose from).
My closet....well theoretically I share it with T but I hog most of the room for my SHOES & HANDBAGS. Being in the clothing industry for so long I have accumulated so much 'free' stuff. The church down the road loves it when I have a grand chuck out....:o)
My favourite place in the whole rather messy scrap area. See Stef, is it not tidy all the time, only between L.O's. I was making cards here....hence the chaos.
The shoes I am wearing right now.....Aaaaah! now the hideous secret is home, when I am cold, I wear Croc's & socks....AND they are not even real Croc's but sad local rip-offs. I prefer the price tag of only R39.99=$4.98 as opposed to R299.99=$37.36. Say it....CHEAPSKATE!!
My dream holiday....NO LAUGHING!!! a fishing trip to the Everglades. I have ALWAYS wanted to go fresh water fishing, where the fish actually pursue the boat in an effort to get caught on my hook. To be in the middle of a mozzie, croc infested swamp catching HUGE sweaty bass. Bring it on!!I need to be catching myself one of these beaut's.....I'll put it back of course.....I just want to catch the sucker!!!
Well now that you have the low down on my 'where & now'...I am going to tag some blogging buds too.....Paula, Shaina, Stef & Joscie.
I hope you play along too!