Thursday, June 19, 2008

Small stuff!

My day was made of snippets of small things that I probably won't remember in a week, so I thought I'd about blog, it'll forever be immortalized in cyber space for me to read when ever I want....don't you just love blogging!!!
This bunch of yellow flowers was a 'gift' from Maxi. He pulled them off some bush in a neighbours front yard, whilst walking outside in the street. I love the sincerity in his eyes as he reaches up to me & says...' I have something special for you Mama, because I love you SOOOO much!'...tweaks the heart strings believe me & distracts me enough from reprimanding him for stomping in someone else's flower beds.
This was taken at 8AM this morning...Max dressed himself....his PJ's with his Aloha T-shirt over the top & sweats....Joscie, yes he is reading the beautiful book you sent us about Hawaii....he loves it!! He is so crazy about anything to do with Hawaii...thanks to Lilo & Stitch & you guys!
To make sure I got my daily dosage of adrenalin...'both' our hot water geysers over our bedroom decided to burst today. By the grace of God I heard something strange & went to investigate only to find hot water running down the walls in my bedroom & out of the light fittings. I YELLED! for Tersh, who improvised while we waited for the electrician & plumber. We have to have both majorly overhauled but better that than having the roof cave in through water damage. God is indeed very good!
We had supper of rice Paella on the floor in front of the fire place this evening...I love watching how much my boys love eachother....makes this Mama's heart very happy.
I even baked this, don't be fooled I wasn't being the epitome of domesticity. Max was driving me NUTS & I had run out of activities to do with him. He is a gr8 helper in the kitchen when I bake...& he has been nagging me for days for cinnamon muffins. So cinnamon muffins & a choc-chip vanilla loaf it was. Bad for the waistline...excellent for the state of mind. I'll diet in heaven.