Monday, June 23, 2008


You know it's been weekend in our home by the debris that lies around the house. If you look carefully, it tends to be debris with purpose, courtesy of Max. Yes, we have a boy in the house!

Have a in a boot...........(because boots have handles...easy to carry around, duh!)
Piles of puzzles, bits of wire, modeling clay, books & other such things...
Crazy clay critters....
Neat rows of cars being led by Mr M&M, dragging a large silver padlock.....important stuff this.
Various containers filled with a treasure trove of bits 'n bobs.....
Meet 'Clucky-benalyn-phil-notty'....our resident rubber toad, who has been responsible for the raised heart rate of more than one unsuspecting visitor.
(Uniquely named by Master M. Watson himself)
We also had Bambi visit us.....but shame, the hunters caught him & put him in a cage. See his sad face...? (M is such an act!)We went to Levi's birthday on Friday, where Mel had these super cool rides for the kiddies. Had to share this really bad happy-snap of Max perfecting his, 'I'm tired of flash bulbs & Mamarazzi' face. One of the downfalls of being a scrapbooker....too many camera's around all the time.
And that's all folks...I'll post something scrappy a bit later.