Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rain,rain & more rain!!!

The rain just won't let up! It has rained in such volume over the last couple of days that this is how full our pool is......The house is leaking from 6 different places & depending on the wind direction, in different amounts of severity. The other night the wind was true North West which resulted in hectic amounts of water pouring down the wall between my scrapbook area & the play room. Water went everywhere as well as into my scrap stuff that was on the floor. Initially when I saw it, my heart sank because I thought it was all my scrap paper, destroyed but on further inspection it turned out it was my box of older papers that I was busy sorting to donate. Thank the Lord I moved my laptop from the cupboard right there that night, otherwise I would have been mighty sad and laptop-less. As soon as the rain abates we are getting a waterproofing crowd in to do the job properly & get it fixed once & for all. Builders.....ha! they're all in my bad books, along with a few other professions I won't mention.I bought some new embroidery thread today.....I was busy with a new L.O & the colours I was using inspired me so much, that I couldn't resist buying them. Actually now in hindsight the L.O doesn't even have any hand stitching on it hahahaha! Oh, well you know embroidery thread ever goes to waste.This afternoon Maxi & were messing around in my room on the bed. We were taking crazy movie clips & photo's. He was Bambi the little deer in a basket on the bed......cute huh?
This one is a B & W with a colour tint, for something a little different.

Well guys Maxi is asleep & I want to finish some journaling on my latest L.O. How are you all coming along with the challenge???
Have a great day!