Friday, June 13, 2008

So special!!

I am so amazed at the comradeship & feeling of community that I have felt from all the wonderful scrapbookers I have met through the wonderful world of blog. You are all some of the sweetest most generous people I know & I wanted to say thank-you.Today I went to the post office & was surprised by a package addressed to me. It turns out is was from Happy Scrappy Sam. Samantha, you are such a doll......I totally LUV my lovely thoughtful RAK & I cannot wait to get stuck in and start using my delish new stash :o)

I met & had coffee with my dear friend Mel today & I had the pleasure of handing over her RAK for last weeks challenge. She, along with a few others have completed their L.O's for challenge are the rest of you coming along. Don't forget to mail them to me for posting on Monday, OK!

Being a long weekend this weekend (this I only found out about when I went to the supermarket this arvi) I am looking forward of loads of photo opportunities & laughs. I will keep you posted. Enjoy the rest of your Friday!