Thursday, June 05, 2008


I was blown right out of my socks yesterday by my dear friend Joscie. She sent us a parcel that was SO full of scrappy-Hawaiian love that I am speechless. Not only was there the most amazing scrap stash...the likes of which I have never seen before (so new apparently, they have only just hit the stores :o), but there were surf tee's for Tersh, Cass & Max, an enormous bag of delish Hawaiian coffee, a rocket juice cup for Max etc, etc the list just goes on & on. Thank you so much my friend.......we can definitely feel the luv!!!!
I think the photography/scrappy bug is well entrenched in the Watson house hold....I caught Max 'taking a close picture of these words' using Cas's Bratz 35mm certainly made me smile. I'm off to plonk on the couch with a book.....I am having a tough time shaking this awful flu.
Chat later.