Friday, June 06, 2008

They're up!!

So today is the deadline girlies......the L.O's I've received are up......& looking mighty fine!!!
This was the 'Challenge L.O' taken from the May 2008 issue of Simple Scrapbooks.
The theme had to be 'Someone you admire'.
This is my take on the challenge. Mostly M.M's (thank-you Joscie :o) A L.O using a vintage pic of me & my parents in 1969 & one from the millennium bash in 2000.

Next we have a striking L.O from Joanne about her daughter Erin.

Then we have a lovely L.O by Stefanie about her special Mum.

Next is a heart warming L.O by Melody about her adorable daughter Faith.

This special L.O was sent in by Marilyn about her friend who is a courageous single Mom.

This lovely L.O was another one sent in by is good to see that the challenge is working & encouraging you to scrap a bit more.

The last L.O was sent in by Christina (also know as Inara). It is a sentimental page about her delightful Granny.

Well guys that's it......thanks so much to all who were prompted to participate. I'll post the 'winner' of the RAK a little later, together with Challenge no #2.
(Just a reminder....the RAK will be randomly chosen via the very scientific method of 'names in a hat' to ensure fairness & all that :o)
Chat later
KJ xx


  1. hey darlin'! those layouts are lookin' good!

  2. Wow! I scrap in such excellent company. Why oh why can't we live closer together and scrap and chat weekly or even monthly? Maybe you need to set it up KJ?

  3. I love those layouts! I hate that I am such a slacker and didn't get one done. I haven't even had a chance to scrap all week. and that makes me grumpy! Ladies you all did a wonderful job! :)

  4. What a bunch of fabulous layouts!!!
    Hope you shake the sickness soon...


  5. KJ - you have ALWAYS been special to us from a tiny little scrape weighing in at 3lbs 2ozs to a lovely and enduring, talented, young woman, incredible mama and loving wife. We love and miss you terribly and can't wait for the day when our Papa in the sky says, the time is right, you're all going to be living close by. Love you ....this much.... Mumsy and Pops

  6. Anonymous07 June, 2008

    Took a sneak peek at your blog and love ALL the layouts sent your way. Awfully inspiring. Hope you feeling better and having a super cool weekend with Tersh and your beaut son xx

  7. well done KJ, for inspiring so many of us to SCRAP!

  8. I did make mine!!! Thanks for the inspiration, I sooo need to get my scrappin' mojo going! What a great group of ladies scrappin' thanks to your inspiration!

    ok, my friend, I'll have to come back later for the new challenge... maybe this time I'll scrap AND I'll show!

  9. Wow!! Beautiful LOs, everyone!! I must have missed the challenge, but I'll catch it next time :)

    Looks like you had a great mail day last week, Kim! Joscie sure does send out some very sweet gifts!!

    I hope you're having a great weekend :)


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