Sunday, July 27, 2008


On Friday we did something we have never really done before with Max. We went to friends for an 'official big peoples dinner'. We did honestly....! Admittedly, I was hugely skeptical that it would work because Max would be with us and he'd be alone to entertain himself because their two children sleep out every Friday with relatives (couldn't imagine what that must be like :o) So I started preparing him mentally for the change in routine from lunch time.....that we were going out & he'd have to go to sleep in Daniels bed whilst we have dinner. He was bathed and encased in winter woollies, all necessary bedding & sleep friends. Everything was going right according to plan.
We arrived at Nikki & Adies place to the aroma of baked lamb & fine fare...& still at this stage I more than optimistic that it might just work. Max's normal bed time is a 1/4 to 7, now that he has given up sleeping in the arvi's (much to the Mama's dismay), so I assumed he would go right on to sleep as soon as we got there.
HA! fat chance.....another of our friends was there too with his little boy Zack (6 & 1/2). I saw our night of relaxed adult conversation slipping away before my eyes. Max now re-energized by his little friend proceeded to dominate the airways....he jabbered nonstop through hors d'oeuvre & right through dinner. It wasn't until they put Shrek 2 on that things got quiet.
All in all we got about 1 hour of 'big people' conversation about life, our relationship with God & rising food & fuel know the stuff we ought to talk about. I thoroughly enjoyed every rationed minute of it whilst savoring baked lamb in a salt bread crust, steamed veg, herbed potatoes & mini seeded bread loaves....all made & prepared by Adie (a man of many talents). Over vanilla coffee the movie was now 21:57 & Max was still wired. He was getting more super charged by the second, meant it was our signal to before a wave of mass destruction hit their designer home .
So we downed our coffees, packed up our charge & left. Full of fabulous hospitality & fed up of listening to the motor mouth in the back. We couldn't get home fast enough.... shimmied him into bed & caught the late night re run of some James Bond movie from yesteryear. Eye opening stuff I tell you....I had no recollection that 007 was such a man-slut! (excuse my language...but there is just no other name for him :o)

So I am almost convinced that there might just be life after kids after all. Hahahaha! (my hubbies mantra...'we'll do it all again when Max is 15') I don't think he's quite there yet & needs more convincing. I am prepared to give it a whorl tho'....hey maybe I'll change my stasis of cynical parent yet.

To change the subject a bit....I just had to share with you, this scrappy love I received in the mail from my sweet, honey of a friend, Paula. It is the most beautiful die cut 6x12 mini album for Max & Cass, I have ever seen. I can't wait to get started on it. Thanks my are a 'STAR'!!

Well that's the end of my riveting post...I hope you are all relaxed & comfy somewhere, enjoying this amazing Sunday.