Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Just a quick pop in to say HI! I have been so busy since Sunday that there has just been no time to blog. I have had a scrapping marathon, with all the deadlines being for today & tomorrow, I have been heads down in my paper, ink & glue. I did it though, I finished & sent off everything, eight 12x12 L.O's in 2.5 days....that has got to be my all time best achievement yet. I am so relieved it is all done & dusted tho', because now we can go away for the weekend & I can relax.
We are heading to a fishing camp near Bonnivale, which is just short 3 hours away (nice & close). The accommodation is right on the waters edge....& the dams are heavily stocked with I can lie in bed & chuck a line into the water from out of the window & be guaranteed to catch a large mouthed bass with hardly any effort at type of relaxation.
Where the kids will be at this point in my fishing fantasy, I have no idea....preferably in life jackets FAR away from the large fish I'll be landing. Oh....Pops.....! (my Mom isn't coming with us, she is still in Port Elizabeth, with my terminally ill Aunt :o( We will miss her not being with us, but we understand her needing to be with Aunty Col.

On a more cheerful note, my August Cocoa Daisy kit is so beautiful! Have a squizz .....Aren't the colours amazing! This is the reason I have been MIA the last little while.

Well guys I am bushed. So I am going to have a LARGE cup of vanilla coffee, curl up on the couch with my delish bloke for a bit & then hit the sack.
Have a great day...or nite for those on my side of the equator.