Monday, July 07, 2008

Gone to my head!

Ag! I have a cold AGAIN & I am such a ninny when I can't get my nose to stop running. This is the down side of taking shoots the immune system full of holes & any stray bug jumps on ya.
Blegh! I am no good to society when I am under the weather.

There is an upside to this miserable post though....I was featured on the Scrapbook & cards blog last week. (Their email said I would be featured today...but I see it was last Thursday...better late than never I suppose) It was one of my summery L.O' hey! If you feel so inclined, pop over there & leave them a message saying I'm a HOT scrapper & they need to feature me more often....I mean what are friends for hey???
:o) :o) :o)