Friday, July 18, 2008

They've arrived.

This was the sunrise when we got to the airport this AM....a real Moses moment. From the cranes you can see just how much work is being done on our Cape Town airport, getting ready for the 2010 soccer world cup. Once we got to the correct terminal, we were greeted by TV camera's, African musicians & 100's of people.....Manchester United was on the same flight. What are the chances????

This is my brother & his lovely wife.

Reunion....happy faces all around.

Loads of luggage, all squashed into the boot of my car...if you were a fly on the roof of the car, you could have heard the whoops of joy from Max, welcoming his Grams & Pops 'home'.

Well guys nothing particularly riveting to report but cool just the same.
Family time ROCKS!!