Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend pics!

Hiya everyone! This is a quick photo update of what we have been up to over the last couple of days, as you can clearly see; having our family around has been an absolute blast. We had an incredibly busy weekend before my Mum jetted of to Port Elizabeth to visit with her very ill sister and we really made the most of everyone being together.
My Mum...not your traditional Granny type....funky hair do, Gucci specs, designer jeans & a fiend on the trampoline. Max was in kiddie heaven.
My Pops got to fish again at a private dam near Stellenbosch....he caught a couple of huge, sweaty, bass(not that we doubted for a second that he wouldn't). His face is a picture of fisherman bliss, is it not????
Max.....went mud paddling with a border collie called Ruby....soon after this he stripped down to his skin....what is it about kids not feeling the cold, together with large quantities of mud??
Moi...caught on camera wielding a rod....caught nothing but a wet bum from the bank...but see the worry in my eye. I was fishing & that's all that mattered.
My brother Brian & Max shooting the breeze & swapping guy stories.

Mum left early for PE & Pops was with Brian, so we headed to Muizenberg beach with the kids. It was a perfect winters day....sunshine & not a breath of wind.

Tersh & the kiddlets looking adorable.

Cass posing in her new Hanna Montana kit all the way from the High Street in Southampton. She was in tween heaven & insisted on a full on photo shoot.

Another Watson family shot...Max only barely tolerates the camera, 1 second later he was off the wall & off down the beach hurling abuse at the Mamarazzi.

It is amazing to capture candid shots like this one that so clearly remind me of what the day was about. Everyone thinking their own thoughts, enjoying the sunshine & fresh air.
A family enjoying together time.
Cass & I horsing around.

Cas being a sweet nine year old, with her beautiful smile.

Maxi being the cutest mini heart breaker I know. I look at this picture & can imagine him at 15. Oh my cat....he is growing up so fast.
Well lovelies that is it.....I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my weekend.
Have a lovely day.