Monday, August 11, 2008

Challenge #8.

Are you like me & have a few of those typical 80's photo's stashed somewhere, that you cringe at every time you see them? Well today is the day that we haul them out & scrap them. As dorky as they might be, with our funny hair, crazy accessories, leg warmers & Duran-Duran T-shirts...they are part of our childhood & a part of us. So join me & be brave...let's scrap them into immortality.
I did a sketch loosely based on this L.O taken from the Autumn leaves 'LOOK' book; but you don't have to use exactly because I know many of the 80's photo's we have are not enlargements. An idea though, might be to take one of the pic's you do have, scan it, adjust the colour digitally & blow it up.... 80's in it's full glory. The great thing about reminding ourselves of an era is to use embellishments, colours & elements from that time, to embrace the theme.

Happy reminiscing guys! Live out your wildest 80's memories & have the L.O to me by the 17th August for posting.
Have a great day!