Friday, August 08, 2008

Not just a tall story.

OK so it wasn't just a rumour...we did in fact go away for the weekend & I did in fact catch a couple of large sweaty was the first time in 4 years that I have gotten some serious fishing time in....& it was worth the wait.

This was the tunnel of bamboo that lead to each of our cabins....with the green glow was so hard to photograph the kiddlets without them looking like they were ill :o)

One of my bass...check out the dorky look on my face.....mild hysteria hahaha! I'm crazeee I know. My brother looking ever the part of serious fisherman, was helping remove the lure from the fish's gizzard. He swallowed it so deep you'd think he hadn't seen food in a month....NOT!! Look how fat he is (the fish, not my brother heehee!)

OK so the rule is...carefully hold them...& SMOOch, then put back. Fish slime is a bugger to get off....needless to say Tersh stayed far away from me & my ripe aroma. (Not my most flattering pic is it....had I known the paparazzi were going to be there, I'd have dollied up a bit :o)

Dawn overlooking one of the dams....flip is was cold!!

Maxi getting his fishin' groove on....he was a natural....must be in the genes.

Cas patiently waiting for a bite...she really got into it, which is unusual for a little girl crazy about fashion, accessories, shoes & the latest hip hop band.

Tersh contemplating his life with this bunch of idiotic, smelly fisher people; whilst drinking in the amazing view over the vineyards. It was a great weekend...even if short & especially great to break the monotony of home life & be out in nature.

To change the subject a bit.....I got my August CK & in it was my Juicy Fruit L.O. They have their new Beta site up & should pop over & take a look. Here's the link:
It is always so cool to see things in print.

This is a digi L.O I did last night. I was so itching for a scrappy fix & had hardly any time left before I hit the sack, so I whipped this up. It is using elements from a kit created by Michelle, as well as a mishmash of bits from all over the place. Sorry, I know I am supposed to give credit to whom credit is due...but I can't for the life of me remember who all the sources are. If & when I do I will mention them at a later stage.

Well I hope this made up for my bloggy absence?? I now have to go & give my guy my undivided is his birthday after all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY are the best!!

Blog you soon.