Monday, August 04, 2008

We're back!

We are back from a great, albeit freezing, weekend away! It was good fun...even got sunburned on my face...figure that, in 2 degree weather...although it did warm up towards midday each day.We relaxed, fished, spoke junk & generally detoxed...all in all a FAB! family weekend away. I still have to download pic's...when I do I'll post a couple for you to look at.

Before I left on Thursday...I did draw a RAK winner for challenge was MARTHA!!!
Well done...I'll get you something into the mail ASAP!

In all honesty I haven't given challenge #8 any thought....I will though & post it in the next day or two. The fact of the matter is that I have still have got far too much mountain air between my ears to think straight. So bare with me, I'll acclimatise in a couple of days.

I'll blog again later.


  1. Congratulations Martha!!

    Fabulous layouts everyone!

  2. Yippee...thanks, Kim! I look forward to your next challenge. My sister's wedding was yesterday, so I feel like I can really breathe went beautifully! Now, my littlest sister is getting married in 6 weeks.

  3. I have to remember that it is the opposite season for you. But a weekend up in a cabin in the mountains sounds heavenly. I am definitely a country girl.

    So glad you finally posted! I've been checking your blog, well, all the time. I'm your number one fan!

  4. I am glad you had such a relaxing time. We really can appreciate these perfect winter days when the skies are blue and the sun is shining even if it isn't much warmer than 18. That's really a hot summer's day in some places. (Ag shame hey?)

  5. Welcome back Kim - we missed you! Glad you enjoyed your weekend but it's great have you back. Don't think too long and hard about challenge #8 right ;o)

  6. A weekend away does really revive a person, doesn't it? I think I need one of those ....

  7. Welcome back! Look forward to seeing some pictorial evidence....

  8. Congrats, Martha! WEll done!


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