Monday, September 22, 2008


Saturday was our city's annual airshow. We together with hundreds of others queued for ages to be WOW'd by some of the most amazing air displays I have ever seen.Unfortunately, unless you were privileged enough to be classified as VIP, you couldn't get up front, or even see the runway for that matter; so we had to make ourselves comfortable to just park our bums on the tarmac between hangers & look up.
They had an amazing mixture of commercial, military & private aircraft showing off their expertise at hanging upside down long enough to make us all cringe. It was all alot of fun....just so FAR to walk from the car parking, then to each hanger display, then to the airshow. I was mighty grateful we had the bright idea of packing Max's old buggie from the far recesses of the garage, for him to sit in just in case he got tired. Being too wide for it he really looked funny squished sideways the whole time...but he didn't care....he didn't have to walk & for him that was heaven.
The highlight of the whole day for Max, was watching the army divers do their thing in an enormous yellow water tank....he kept exclaiming :
"SEE Mama...that's what I want to do!!"

Anyone who knows Max, knows that it is his hearts desire is to be a diver/astronaut one day.....the diving thing I can help with...the astronaut they even have a Space center here in South Africa...or Africa for that matter??? We'll have to see about that one. For the moment he is happy to be riding in the back of the plane....complete with in flight movies....juice & snacks on tap & the promise to be in a different country by morning. Cosmo kid in the making.
It was certainly fun to be outdoors with the sun shining....for the moment Spring has decided to grace us with her presence...but for how long :o) :o)