Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heritage Day!

It is a public holiday here in nuffinc...just a day to sloth around in our PJ's, drinking copious amounts of Hawaiian coffee (Thnx Joscie), trying to keep the mini Watson entertained. To make matters REALLY challenging is is raining-again-Bob!! I am so irritated with all the rain, sog, mud...& profusion of weeds in our lawn as a result of it. It means no outside bike rides...just our 4 walls...bleuh!!

To make matters worse...Hunnie is working....he has a million deadlines looming...& the pressure is on, so no rest for the brilliant designer I am afraid....sorry babes....(text me when you want tea :o) {I know he reads my blog}
Thankfully the Leappad is back....Max LOVES it...& it has kept him occupied for hours.....well in total anyhow. In between he has played cars, had endless chats to his snail buddy, Liam (his new pet in a jar) & now he is watching the Incredibles on DVD. about a hard one...I am running out of things that he wants to do. Oh were is Spring???

He did at one stage, decide it was time for more art in our house...."to make things look pretty were his words"....take a peek at the latest sculpture :o)

Well now that I have bored you silly with pic's of my kid I will spare you & show you one I took this am....I love eating oranges....I have done ever since I was a whenever they are in season..we have a ton of them in the house. There was something about them in the wooden bowl, against the leather couch that make me hesitate & grab my camera....I think (if I remember correctly) that moment is what Stacy Julian calls 'an arresting moment'. A moment that stops you in your tracks & allows you to appreciate the creativity of that one quote her:
" I don't believe in perfect days, but I do believe in perfect moments."

So try & find at least one of those moments in the humdrum of dishes, pots, picking up & noise...they are there, you just have to look.