Thursday, September 25, 2008

How about another scrappy challenge#10?

I was thinking it was about time for another scrappy challenge. What do you think?
Well I was on the Scrapbook etc website earlier...& came across the section encouraging people to make their own stamped background using I don't know if you are anything like me when it comes to stamps.....I LOVE the darn things...I drool over them, I covet them, I watch the press for new ones coming out...but hardly ever use them. Why you might be asking??? I am ashamed to admit it's because I don't want to mess them or my L.O up, if I make a mistake. They just look so cute, all crisp & clean in their wrappers to take them out & cover them in ink...seems so fundi{mental}ly wrong...mental being the appropriate word here :o)

So today is the day!! The day I take at least 5 different ones out of their wrappers & use them on a L.O....come-on gals who's with me?

{5 stamps on one L.O, that includes the background being stamped}

I have some amazing examples for you to oggle at for inspiration:

Shannon Tidwell stamped her journal lines onto the base to create a functional pattern.

Amy Yingling stamped & then used embossing powder to create texture.

Erikia Ghumm stamped onto patterened paper in a darker colour to create this amazing L.O!

Laura Kurz cleverly only stamped a small section of her background paper for this minimalistic look & feel.

So guys are you suitably challenged to try? The good news is that you will have 2 weeks to complete the challenge this time, meaning the deadline will be the 10th October. As usual there will be a small RAK for the 'winner'...aren't freebies the best???

Anyway...I'm bushed...& really need to nite-nite.
Chat soon.