Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Spring break!

We have Max @ home for the next little while over Spring break! See... evidently the cherry tree at Maxi's play school thinks it is Spring....I beg to differ though, the weather's still freezing!!

Although it is great having Max at home, I struggle to find him things to do. On Friday we went to a movie together....Open Season 2. Max loved it but I loved it MORE! I was one of about 10 adults in the cinema...& I was the only one laughing at the top of my voice. It really tickled my funny bone....& was highly entertaining. OK I admit it I am a slap-stick kinda gal, so this movie was right up my alley.

The weekend was incredibly 'non'... we didn't do anything much, other than act as referee between Cas & Max...I ask you?...She is 10 & he is 4....what on earth could be that important, that requires squabbling over to sort out.
Admittedly he was trouble on two legs tho' you can clearly see here by the look on his cheeky face, he was impersonating the...
" Pharoh of Egypt....that means I am the King....and
I want juice now!!!"

The two of them got SO irritating, that at the first hint of sunshine we headed to Slangkop beach in Kommetjie, to get some fresh air & a good dose of vitamin D.

Our neighbor, Taylor, came along too...she & Cas are best buddies. It will be a very sad day when they climb onto the aeroplane in 2 months time & we have to wave them goodbye. They like 1000's of others, are ducking out of SA while they still can & heading for a new life in Australia.
We had a great time there...collecting shells & bits of broken beach glass that were washed up onto the sand. With the massive storms that have been buffeting our coast line, all sorts of treasures have been thrown up onto the beaches. Max true to form, created an awesome beach art sculpture, using everything he could lay his hands on. It was beautiful and people stopped & commented, which thrilled Max, being the social cat he is...he LOVED it!!
The girls who are at that weird tween stage..."couldn't be seen dead doll!!" without large sunnies & handbags. Although it didn't take long before all the accessories forgotten, discarded & dumped with me to 'guard' while they went climbing on the rocks....girls!!

I did catch this SUPER cute moment on camera, which made up for all their squabbling earlier...obviously their wrath was short lived.....good for them, even better for the frazzled parents :o)

Thanks to my trusty tripod, I was able to get this shots are all to few in my albums, so it will be great to have a new one.

Well guys that's all for now. I promise I will try & blog more often...I am just down right lazy!!
So have a good one.
Over & out...KJ XXX