Friday, October 03, 2008

Sept Cocoa Daisy kit!

The September Cocoa daisy kit was so awesome to work with...and the colours so modern & with out further it is:

TAAA-DAAAA! beautiful hey???hey???

Now go sign up they're almost sold out, here's the link~ heehee!


I didn't get the whole kit in time for the deadline but what I got, was such fun to play with. I was really inspired to try different things....& as you know I LOVE stitching, so there is stitching everywhere.

Well that's all for now folks...I have Maxi climbing all over me as I type this post...he is bored & I am playmate for the cheers until later, if I survive playing the cars...aaarrrhhhh! Time to invest in a WII...OMGoodness, I can't believe I have just said that...Mom & Dad don't panic I am not completely insane...yet! hahahaha!