Friday, September 12, 2008


It was our 6th anniversary on Wednesday! Yes...6 years of wedded bliss...with a cherry on top. Don't get me wrong we have our fair share of hurdles, but we have gotten through them, I think because of a mutual decision we made right from the beginning . 'Never to go to bed angry with each other'... rather stay up as long as it takes to sort it out. That little rule had stood us in good stead & here we are today still very much in-love :o)

To celebrate. we got ourselves a baby sitter (yeehaaah!...this is a rare occurrence in the Watson household & we made the most of it). We headed out for good steak at a local restaurant & a movie.

The meal was outstanding...we even splashed & imbibed in a cider each...woohoo! Go Watson's!! As you can see from the pic...there was no pomp & ceremony, as soon as the babysitter arrived...I popped a sweater on...made sure nothing was stuck in my teeth & headed out. We didn't want to waste a single second.

Afterward we went to to see the Batman movie. Bleuh! what a let down. We, as serious marvel comic & sci-fi fans....thought it was a 'load of horses'...shame & to think that poor actor lost his life over the role he played in it....which was a great performance by the way, just so meaningless in the greater scheme of things. We got home around midnight & felt like kings!!

In honor of our special day, Maxi remembered that I loved lily's & picked me two from the pond at the end of our touched me so much, sweet child. Seeing this pic of them reminded me of the day T & I eloped. I held lily's too that day.

A little walk down memory lane :o)

Our special day, done our way. We were ridiculously happy & cried alot hahaha! Not very flattering for the camera...'snot on the face' heehee! The very next morning, the 11th of September, we flew out to the London for our honeymoon, where T met my parents for the first time.

Good memories!

My passing thought guys, is that marriage is SO important. Through it, God uses our relationship with each other to smooth off our rough edges & teach us about love, forgiveness, compromise, selflessness & grace. He uses marriage to prepare us for life with Him one day. So protect it, cherish it & be ever vigilant to work at it because (the grass is NEVER greener on the other side) if you get my drift.

Enjoy your weekend.
*Hugs from way down south*